A bird is the best pet for a pony to have. Many ponies have birds for pets.
Pinkie pie pie

He really likes pie.

However, some special ponies have FireBirds for pets. Trollesita is a prime example.

But then there is the one pony named Applejack who has a FireBird-. The dash on the end makes the bird's powers equal to infinite. Not even Chuck Norris or the Elements of Harmony can destroy a FireBird-.

Therefore, I advise you to treat him like the God he is. Or else, he may have to whip out his KING KAMEHAMEHA ULTRA SUPERSONIC PLANET DESTROYING LASER CANNON janitorial mop and BAN YOU!!!!!


  • He is best addressed as: Mr. Bird or awesome bureaucrat. (Joking just call her Firebird)
  • He is the first and only pony to die on round 1 in Nazi Zombies.
  • He has only banned one person during her incumbent reign as Chat Moderator on the COD WIKIA. The person? Me, cuz I asked him to do it for the lulz and do I could brag that I was the first person he ever struck on the head with his ban hamma.
  • He was the person to create the brony we all know and love, DaAngeRage.